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I've now been using Danazol for a year to treat severe endometriosis. I've been unbelievably satisfied with the way this product managed to solve my problems. My endometriosis symptoms included dreadful pain during my period, occasional sharp pain when having sex and burning sensations when urinating. All this together was naturally driving me crazy. Then my doctor switched me to Danazol. This product helped me forget about all the symptoms and my doctor also noticed improvement. I highly recommend Danazol. It's fantastic!

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I am in my third month of taking Danazol. I started taking this medication when my doctor prescribed me with Danazol for hereditary angioedema treatment. During the first week of treatment I experienced mild migraine but soon this side effect disappeared. Any way it was much more acceptable than all the horrible side effects I used to have with other medications for the same purpose. I don't have nausea, blurred vision, vomiting and mood swings, which I had with other meds. I clearly can see the change for the better and I hope Danazol continues working like this. To my mind this drug is an excellent solution for people like me.

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