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How does HIV start in the body? FAST FACTS. HIV infects white blood cells in the body's immune system called T-helper cells (or CD4 cells). The virus attaches itself to the T-helper cell; it then fuses with it, takes control of its DNA, replicates itself and releases more HIV into the blood.
How long does it take to get STD results Planned Parenthood? STI test results can take between five and 10 days. If you have testing done at Planned Parenthood, we'll contact you ONLY if your results are positive. If this is the case, we'll give you a call to ask you to come back for follow up.
What are HIV related conditions? When someone living with HIV has a weakened immune system (shown by a low CD4 count), they are at risk of 'opportunistic infections' which is when infections take the opportunity of the immune system being weak. Common opportunistic infections associated with HIV include: cryptococcal meningitis. toxoplasmosis.
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